Man on a Mission Update.. Preview of a few songs in the works

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Whats going on everyone?  So I decided to get off my ass today and record some vocals on a new song, and I thought to myself that it might be nice to give a preview/make a new post!  There are two new songs in the video “Never too late” and “Fooling Around”.  I hope you guys like what you hear.  Feel free to let me know what you think!!!



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Well I guess what I thought signing might get me into some low rate porno actually did, legitamatley, get me on the Keith Urban tour..  From what I hear it plays every night on the tour.  Guess I”ll have to get some tickets and go to the Boston show.. Once in a lifetime opportunity!

New Song: “Just In Time”

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Last weekend we were having some great weather around the Boston area, so I took advantage of it Sunday and took a short ride to NBPT. I got a few new CD’s (Keith Urban, and Mat Kearneys New one) which can always make a ride even better. Some songs can just complete a day. So I was sitting there enjoying the sweet salty breeze, and just felt like writing, really just to see if anything good would come out. Let me tell you, when you write it is really hard to differentiate the words that just aren’t going to work from the words that posses the potential for a great song.

I wrote with no intentions of penning a song at all. Then I seemed to be able to take some of my own former memories from having a gf, and mixed them with the thoughts of a potential beautiful women (Carrie Underwood lets say) and the words just started to flow. It was like the pen was writing all by itself. I came home after sat down with my guitar and just started writing. I had banged out a new song “Just In Time” all within a few hours. What a great feeling.

It’s funny, I would love to be able to observe somebody like John Mayer, Ryan Adams, Phil Collins, or Johnny Rzeznik, and their song writing process just to compare how they create a song to the way that I write a song. I wonder if they create songs just as organically, or if it is more like: Hey we got this drum beat now put some guitar to it. I know if I lived in Hollywood I would go and sit in the Hills and write all the time. I have been up there before but never written from there, but what a great View!

Anyways sorry for the long message I def started to babble haha.. Hope you like the song, and I’ll leave a link below!!


Just In Time (Lyrics)

Sometimes we forget
It’s the little things that pull us through
Opens up your eyes
To the beauty of a girl just like you

One day you’re wondering why
You try at all
Then out of the blue
This blonde haired beauty queen
Swoops in and saves you life
From going by

When you lying there on the bed
I take a moment to remind myself of when
I was alone without you by my side

When we’re driving late
I look to the right
See you there just shining like a diamond
And I thank God
He sent you to me just in time

The days begin to pass
The love continues to grow
The fireworks inside of our hearts
Continue to explode

The shape of you is all I see
The breath you exhale
All I want to breathe
It’s weird to think
Once I never knew

You’re lips your kiss
I never knew
It could be like this

Graduation Time…My Experience

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It is that time of year again.  Last year at this time I was going through a small quarter life crisis, for it was my turn to graduate college.  What’s funny is that I was 25 when I graduated college, and I still wasn’t ready to get out into the working world yet.  Well lets face it, I”m in it now and I”m still hoping something happens with my music eventually.  Anyways, I remember sitting down all dressed in my suit on graduation day and writing this song real quick.  Basically I wrote all of my thoughts down that were coming out of me at that very moment and it just happened to be a song.  I love the times when you have so much focus on something, and end up writing a song in about 10 minutes because you’re so emotionally driven by whatever it is that is going on in your life.

So I know that you’re all saying “new song, it’s a year old”.  Well I recorded this song last summer and wasn’t really happy with the way that it came out.  But today I was thinking about graduation and I went in and did some editing and decided that it was a good time to put it up.

It is funny I went to college with the idea that when I got out my my life was going to be “together” for once.  Like college was going to answer all of the questions I”ve always had, and lead me to where I”ve always wanted to be.  Well when I finally graduated college I realized that I was still in the same place I was when I graduated high school.  Still trying to figure out where I belong, still trying to find that girl that keeps me interested and on my toes, and still searching for answers to tons of other questions  I’ve been harboring for years.  I wouldn’t give back the experience for anything, but I’ve only progressed in a way that makes it so I don’t have to bag grocery’s for a living anymore.  I am still searching for that happy median and hopefully someday I’ll find it.

Sorry for the big long write up..  CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO LISTEN TO THE NEW SONG

Wilkins Project Playlist

New Song In The Works….

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So I came home from work Friday afternoon, sat down at my computer, popped open gargeband and went to work.  Usually when I write a song, my inspirations are lyrically driven.  I usually write words and then music but with the lack of inspiration that I have been left with latley I approached it in a different way.  I found a drum track and just let it play.  I didn’t really expect anything to come out of it, because 9 out of 10 times nothing comes out of it anyways… To make a long story short I wrote a whole song, music and lyrics, in all of about hmmm…an hour.  I have some of it laid down but I am still waiting for the little things that separate the decent songs from the great songs, to come to me.  I remember one time I sat on a song for a whole year before I finished writing it and recorded it…. Here’s me crossing my fingers that this is not the case…  Anyways here are the lyrics…

Live and Learn
I never loved her
I never warned her
My mind was somewhere
Digging through the gutter
She was fooled
I was confused
Sorry about that (x2)

I thought I missed her
I only missed it
The feeling of a woman
Sitting at my fingers tips
I’m so ashamed
But who’s to blame
Hey good you found out (x2)

I guess you got to live and learn
I guess you got to crash and burn
To get what you want out of love,
Out of life

I guess I’ll go out
Try my luck again
Find some bombshell
And buy her a drink
We will talk
And then we’ll walk
The cycle starts again (x2)

I guess you got to live and learn
I guess you got to crash and burn
You got to, make mistakes take the breaks
To get what you want out of love,
Out of life

It is funny, some lyrics come so unexpectedly… Sometimes things are buried so deep that we don’t realize they are there, or this one might just be me getting something off my chest!

Anyways….Rome wasn’t built over night, so hopefully I’ll be able to get this one done and ready for the new CD! WATCH OUT FOR THE SWINE FLU HAHAHA

Keith Urban Tour???

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By providing your electronic signature below, you agree to hereby irrevocably grant Guitar Monkey Touring, Inc. (“Producer”) and its affiliates, licensees and assigns, the perpetual, gratis, and universe-wide right to use your audio and/or audiovisual footage and/or photographs appearing on YouTube, and any and all derivatives thereof (hereinafter the “Materials”), as part of the “video wall” background or other element(s) in (or to refrain therefrom), Keith Urban’s 2009 Escape Together World Tour, and/or any other tour, live performance, award shows, or otherwise (collectively the “Tour”), and/or in any audio and/or audio-visual recording and/or still photographs thereof (including, without limitation, DVDs or CDs), and/or for broadcast via all forms of television radio, or exploitation through any other medium now or hereafter known, and that Producer may otherwise exploit the Materials, in whole or in part, for any and all purposes, whether commercially, promotionally, or otherwise, and whether alone or coupled together with other materials.

You further irrevocably grant to Producer and its affiliates, licensees and assigns, the perpetual, gratis and universe-wide right, to use your name, and to the extent contained in the YouTube footage, your image, voice (singing and/or non-singing), and likeness (collectively “Name and Likeness”) and the Name and Likeness of any other person, firm or entity, appearing in the Materials, to promote Producer, Keith Urban, the Tour and/or any part thereof, and/or the exploitation of the Materials. You represent and warrant that you are the age of majority according the laws of the jurisdiction in which you live (typically age 18 – 21).

/S/_______Jonathan Wilkins___________________ Date:__April 26/09
An Authorized Signatory
Name: Jonathan Wilkins

Who knows what will come of this but today I was contacted by Chris Hicky(country music video director) about using footage from my youtube video, of me singing Keith Urban’s “You’ll think of me” for part of some montage he and Keith are putting together for the Summer Tour. My first reaction is: this is bullshit, and probably some sort of hoax and I’ll see my head on some naked guys body, but he left me his number and I called him, and he seemed legit. Then I received this release above to sign…so here’s hoping that this is just a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel I’ve been traveling through for some time now.
Maybe if you’re at a Keith Urban show this summer you will see my video on the big screen of me singing You’ll Think of Me.


Lyrics I’ve been working on…

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So here are some new lyrics that I have been working on since…well you can see the date at the top…for a while.  I have a great tune to go along with it, but the only problem is I haven’t been able to come up with a bridge for the song; lyrically or musically.  Sometimes you can feel it and it comes out and sometimes it takes a while to find the perfect sound to compliment the rest of the song.  The bridge is a very important part of the song..Sometimes it can act as the part of the song that gets you to listen to it time and time again.


There is one more verse that didn’t come out in this pic:

When you’re a kid, they say to dream, guess I took it to the next extreme, now I’m just a lost boy trying to be a man I don’t know how to be.


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